Why Invest with FRENNS?

Looking for a way to improve returns on your short-term cash? We make it simple to buy a stake in the unpaid invoices of growing companies. You bid at the rate you want on your money. Companies get the cash flow they need to fund growth, quickly.

We give you full insight into the credit quality of all parties in the transaction and overall payment history. So you can make an informed decision on which companies you advance to. We determine the percentage of the invoice that can be advanced and package all of the financials into a simple rate you can understand at a glance.

As an investor you trade for free on our platform. The only fee that will be deducted from your trade is the bank transfer fee and we do not make any additional mark ups on it. The fee we get from our bank is what you get from us.

With FRENNS on your side, you can:

  • Achieve the return you want on your money without being locked in for long periods
  • Support companies to grow and realise their potential
  • Diversify risk by financing multiple invoices across different countries, payment terms and credit quality

How it works, in three simple steps

Sync/upload your invoices

Bid on an invoice, stating the amount you wish to bid and the rate you want

We process them…

Wait for the auction to finish — or bid again as the auction progresses. If yours is a winning bid, you’ll start earning as soon as the auction closes

Receive funds

You get paid as soon as the invoice is paid


How to get started?

Register with FRENNS

Fill out the form and type in your company
number and we will do the rest

Get Approved

We verify the information then you can start

Fund Your Account

After you have been approved you can pre-fund
the account through us


Have any questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you have about how it works.

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