What is an affiliate with FRENNS?

We all know that friends know a lot about you, but they can also help you. The reason why we started FRENNS was to let your friends benefit when they help you. Your friends can invite other friends and get discounts on their trade if they are active users, but also earn some money if they help their friends if they are not full customers but only friends.

As an affiliate with FRENNS you can invite your friends in your network to become a customer with FRENNS to either auction their invoices or invest in the invoices. Your own benefit is that you support your friends with FRENNS and you get a share of our commission that the business pays for using the trading platform. This amount can be paid to your bank account.

You can invite people from different social networks as our platform is built around inviting friends and for that reason is named FRENNS.

Business and Invoice investors

As a customer to us you will get a discount on your auctions and on the trade you do with us if you invite friends and other companies to become an active user of our auction platform.

How it works?

If you want to become an affiliate you click on the menu Login/Sign up and then tick Affiliate at the top. You then add the information that is required and within a few minutes you will be able to invite your friends and wait for them to become an active business that auction their invoices or an invoice investor on FRENNS. You then earn your share of FRENNS commission.
If you are a business who wants to auction an invoice or an invoice investor you are an affiliate member by default and can invite your network and friends when logged on and get a discounted trade as soon as they become active on FRENNS.

When you invite you will get a link your friends can use when they sign up. After they have signed up you will get their name on a list where you can follow them if they are active or not and see your discounts and earnings.


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