We support businesses to free their cash from their customers fast, easy and lower their risks.

About us

The business started off by us using invoice factoring when working in a former business. Businesses have problems in growing fast if they are good and expansive. The only way was to get cash from our own firm and the invoices. For this we had to put our private lives at risk and if you have big invoices that meant you could lose the house your family was living in.

FRENNS was founded on the idea to provide easy invoice financing and make it easier than the awkward old school factoring where your private life is at risk. We therefore created this platform for easy access to cash when you need it to grow, not when the factoring company find it interesting enough to call back or show interest in your business.

The experience we have is from running companies and being entrepreneurs. In reality we have seen the challenges with cash for companies. For some reason it only seems to be SME’s that is supposed to need cash and that people are talking about, but in fact it is all companies that can struggle with growth and cash flow

Our team consists of experienced financial people and they provide you with the best and most cost effective solution.

Our solution is based on bespoke technology and adheres to the legislation in the countries we act in.

We are here for you and we enjoy helping you!