An innovator in the peer-to-peer (P2P) lending space, we match you with invoice investors who will “buy” your unpaid invoices at a small discount. The dynamic online invoice auction process helps to drive down the cost you pay. And you can finance up to 99% of the invoice value.

You have complete flexibility over which invoices you finance. That way, you can secure finance against your best customers.

With FRENNS on your side, you can ease the pressure on cash flow and access funds for growth.

Our automated platform for invoices enables you to gain finance quickly via a dynamic invoice auction process designed to reduce the cost. Investors compete to “buy” your unpaid invoices. And you can further manage the cost by basing your invoice advance on your best customers. The percentage of the invoice advanced – and the invoice discount rate you pay – depend on several factors. Including your customers’ payment histories, all relevant credit risks, and whether you instruct the invoice debtor pay FRENNS directly or pay us yourself.

How it works?

Sync/upload your invoices

Synchronise your online accounting system with the FRENNS platform or individually upload invoices

We process them…

Quickly and efficiently

Receive funds

We pay the funds directly into your account as soon as the auction is over


We work with

All the above are systems you can sync your invoices with, but you are also able to upload your invoices manually in PDF format.
More systems are on their way...

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